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Injury Rehab and Prevention

All injuries have an impact on daily life. You are often limited in your favourite activities and have periods of inactivity resulting in a prolonged rehabilitation period both physically and mentally.


The desire to get back to your activity as soon as possible often involves taking short cuts ending up with a new or repeat injury. It is difficult to self-monitor the process of regaining full strength and stability.


Injury rehab can help decrease pain, increase mobility and help your body and mind function the way it should without limitation. An exercise based programme involving specific simple, yet affective, balance, stretching, strengthening and mobility exercises can help you achieve this.


Whether it’s to increase your ability to perform daily tasks with more ease and less pain or to return to recreational sport or work duties after an injury, our injury rehab and prevention programmes can help you.


Not only will we develop a plan to assist in the rehab and strengthening of the affected area, we will also design your programme to incorporate your entire body and mind allowing you to return to your normal routine with confidence quickly and effectively.




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