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So you bought the latest craze DVD box set, downloaded the newest video from you tube and even kept it going a couple of times only to feel disheartened when you got bored of training on your own with no motivation.


Or perhaps you promised your self you would getup early and go out to that class or for a run, but its cold and dark and you don’t want to get out of bed or leave the house.


Or perhaps you really want to get some exercise in but the children always appear and interrupt or there are just not enough hours in the day or child care at the right time to get out and exercise.


Well no more is that a problem … Here is your solution…


Live Online Classes


Join our Live Trainer in the comfort of your own home! You don’t need to worry about what your going to wear, there is no need to go anywhere so no travel time or finding somewhere to park.


You don’t need much space and no equipment is required. It doesn’t matter if you get interrupted by the kids or the dog as no one can hear you.


The class is only 30 mins and you set your pace.


All you need to do is invest into the online monthly package then can access as few or as many of the sessions as you like. You will also get optional extra workouts and motivational messages sent direct to your inbox and can get support on nutrition along with setting and reaching life goals.


You can take part in our online sessions on their own or you can upgrade to one of our all access monthly passes and get unlimited classes each month.


All you need are some comfy workout clothes, turn up a couple of minutes before the session with your device you want to join from and you are ready togo


Get in touch today and find out how you can get your invitation only code and start Live Online Classes

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